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    Abraham Bola Lawal
    General Duty Manager



    It is an honour & priviledge for me to welcome you to HEALTHCARE MATTERS RECRUITMENT LTD.
    Do you know that we are all users of health and social care services? Once enrolled with a primary physician, or GP in the United Kingdom, you are considered a service user.

    The distinction lies in the amount to which an individual utilises the service in accordance with their needs. As a nurse, health care assistant, support worker, care home manager Etc, it is critical to recognise that the majority of adults we work with in care homes and nursing homes had previously enjoyed the busy life we enjoy today.

    The question is how you, as a service user, would like to be treated. How would you like your parents to be handled if they were service users? How would you like your spouse to be handled if they are a service user? How would you like your brother and sister to be treated if they are a service user? How would you like your child to be treated if they are a service user?

    While knowledge and abilities can be learned, passion cannot be purchased. It is an internal phenomenon. This is why the critical questions above are ones that everyone, regardless of whether they are a service provider, professional, or practitioner, must consider before putting their best foot forward and offering assistance.

    A national government policy promoting a positive service user experience and person-centered care that is acceptable to the service user can only be implemented through collective action and collaboration among all stakeholders in health and social care settings, with employees playing a critical role in the process.

    With all humility, a sense of duty, and the duty of care, I am seeking your help to first consider answering those questions about ‘if you were a service user’ ,that was asked earlier, before you put your best foot forward ,to assist.

    Thank you for your time.


    To contribute to the delivery of person-centered care that meet the needs of the service user.


    •Sourcing and linking talents to employers in health and social care settings who possess the knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm necessary for their role.

    •Recruitment drive outreach.

    •Application consideration, and shortlistment & interview of candidates.

    •Check work elegibility and work permit for those living in the Uk.

    •Criminal activities & record check of candidate (Enhanced DBS Check).

    •We provide essential training in health and social care for candidate, especially for those coming from oversea.

    •We present sucessfull candidate to employer in the UK for employment consideration.

    •We support visa application for successfull candidates, coming from oversea to the UK.